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A Space For Artistic Practice For All!

Follow Ur Arts provides a dedicated location for artists of all levels to practise and improve their skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, our welcoming environment and extensive tools provide an ideal setting for artistic development and exploration. Our studio space is dedicated to encouraging creativity, providing professional resources, and creating a supportive atmosphere where unlimited inspiration can thrive.


Why Follow Ur Art?


We think that art is for everyone. Our open approach makes artists from all backgrounds and skill levels feel welcome and valued. To accommodate a wide range of creative needs and interests, we provide a comprehensive range of programmes and services.

Professional Resources

Our studio is outfitted with top-tier resources and materials, allowing artists to work with high-quality tools and supplies. From easels and canvases to paints and brushes, we have everything you need to produce your best work.

Community Support

Join a thriving community of art enthusiasts. Our network provides support, constructive comments, and collaboration. Engage with other artists, work on collective projects, and be inspired by the talent around you.


Endless Inspiration

At Follow Ur Arts, we believe that inspiration is essential to artistic development. Our facility is intended to inspire creativity, with rotating exhibitions, seminars, and events to keep your artistic juices flowing. Surround yourself with art and let your creativity flow.

Fostering Artistic Practice for Every Creator

Our mission is to assist all artists in their creative endeavours. You are welcome to come explore, experiment, and develop your artistic practice in our space. We are here to support you in reaching your artistic objectives, whether you are learning a new technique, creating a body of work, or just trying to get better.



Our Advance Educator Learning System

Our fine art classes are aimed to provide students with a thorough education. These courses span a wide range of methods and mediums and are taught by qualified educators. With the support of our innovative learning system, every student is guaranteed to receive individualised attention and assistance, enabling them to progress in their practice and acquire new abilities.

Art Classes for Kids in Singapore

Acrylic Painting

Discover the vivid world of acrylics and explore several techniques for creating magnificent artworks.

Art Classes For Adults Singapore

Oil Painting

Learn about the classic medium of oil paints and how to create rich, layered paintings.



Learn to control washes and build your own style while exploring the fluid beauty of watercolour painting.

Art Studio Singapore


Improve your drawing talents with classes ranging from fundamental basics to advanced figure drawing.


Mixed Media

Experiment with multiple materials to create distinctive and inventive artworks.

Where Creativity Flourishes: Art Practice in Singapore

At Follow Ur Arts, we celebrate Singapore as a thriving hub where creativity knows no bounds. Our mission is to provide a nurturing space for artists of all backgrounds to explore, experiment, and excel in their artistic practice.

Located in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant arts scene, Follow Ur Arts offers state-of-the-art facilities and a supportive community that encourages artistic growth and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned artist honing your craft or an emerging talent exploring new mediums, our studio provides the perfect environment to cultivate your creativity.

Our diverse range of programs and workshops cater to artists at every stage of their journey. From traditional painting and sculpture to digital art and multimedia installations, we embrace all forms of artistic expression. Our experienced instructors are passionate about guiding and inspiring artists to push boundaries and explore new artistic horizons.

Join us at Follow Ur Arts and immerse yourself in a world where creativity flourishes. Discover your unique voice, connect with like-minded individuals, and contribute to Singapore’s rich cultural landscape through art practice that transcends boundaries and sparks imagination.

Our Advance Educator Learning System

All students get to learn about color theory, different art theories, different art techniques, the magic of color mixing, and more. By taking the best art classes, kids will receive not only the basic knowledge and skill of art but will also improve memory and attention, refine motor skills, develop imagination, and speech and enhance cognitive thinking.

Dive into Our Artful Blog

Using our Artful Blog, you can stay up to date on the newest articles, trends, and advice from the art industry. Our blog includes contributions from our creative community, guest posts from well-known artists, and articles written by our educators. Everyone can find something to enjoy on our site, whether they’re searching for motivation, useful guidance, or just a good read.


Contact Us

Are you prepared to improve your creative work? Get in touch with us right now to enrol in a course, arrange a visit, or discover more about our offerings. We’re happy to assist you in finding the ideal solution for your artistic needs and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact us.

Space for Artistic Practice For All Art Practice

We have a strong desire to create an environment that supports and nurtures all artists. Our studio provides the perfect setting for your artistic practice, whether you are studying new techniques or refining your existing ones. Come along and become a part of a community that honours and encourages your creative endeavours.


Art practice- $50 for 2 hrs

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