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A Space For Artistic Practice for All

With Follow Ur Arts, get a platform that provides a supportive atmosphere for artistic expression and is intended to stimulate creativity in every person. Make use of the tools, classes, and encouraging environment available to you to help you advance and succeed in your artistic endeavours.

Our goal is to enable everyone, regardless of age or background, to enjoy art. We think that each person has a distinct creative voice, and we’re here to support you in finding and expressing it.

Why Follow Ur Art?

Follow Ur Arts is committed to enabling artists by offering an extensive array of tools and assistance. Our platform provides a special fusion of expert advice, community growth, and inclusivity. You can enhance your abilities with our industry-standard tools and classes guided by experts. Other advantages of picking us include:


All backgrounds and skill levels of artists are welcome in our space, guaranteeing that everyone has the chance to create and flourish.

Professional Resources:

Gain access to a multitude of professional resources, such as industry-standard tools and workshops led by experts, to improve your artistic abilities.


Community Support

Become a part of a thriving artistic community where people encourage and support one another, leading to growth and collaboration.

Endless Inspiration

Discover a wide range of creative activities and information that is always changing to keep your artistic spark healthy and vibrant.

Singapore Drawing Classes

About Us

Fostering Artistic Practice for Every Creator

At Follow Ur Arts, we are believers in the transformational potential of art. Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming space where artists of all backgrounds and ages can flourish. Our programs, which vary from basic classes to advanced workshops, are made to support and enhance your artistic abilities. Come develop your artistic practice, meet like-minded people, and explore your creativity with us. Follow Ur Arts is here to support you in reaching your creative objectives and scaling new heights in your artistic journey, whether you are just getting started or trying to improve your abilities.

Fine Art Popular Courses

Our Programs

Explore a variety of motivational and instructive courses suitable for all ages and skill levels. At Follow Ur Arts, we provide an extensive range of programs tailored to each artist’s specific requirements and passions. All students will learn about colour theory, various art theories, various art styles, colour mixing magic, and more.

Our courses are carefully crafted to offer a well-rounded combination of fundamental abilities, artistic exploration, and sophisticated methods. With individualised advice and assistance, our skilled instructors are committed to cultivating a passion for art and assisting you in realising your artistic aspirations.


Arts for Ktids ( 4 to 8 Years)

Inspire children's creativity with enjoyable, interactive art programs that teach fundamental techniques and promote self-expression.


Arts for Buddy( 9 to 17 Years)

Develop artistic skills by enrolling in age-appropriate classes that emphasise technique, originality, and personal style.


Arts for Adults ( 18 Years & Above)

Improve and hone your artistic abilities with in-depth courses tailored to adult learners of all ability levels.

Art Portfolio

With the help of knowledgeable tutors, create a solid portfolio that is ideal for professional or college applications.


Holiday Program

With our entertaining and instructive holiday art programs for kids and teens, you can spark creativity over the break from school.


Art Practice

With access to ongoing projects, studio spaces, and resources, you can engage in continuing learning and practice.

Advance Feature

Our Advance Educator Learning System

To improve education, our Advanced Educator Learning System provides teachers with cutting-edge resources and tools to improve their curricula. Our solution, which prioritises professional development, gives users access to innovative teaching techniques, expert-led training sessions, and a cooperative platform where they can exchange best practices.

This guarantees that teachers can enhance and modify their methods of instruction to suit the various demands of their students. Regardless of your experience level or level of training, our method will help you become more proficient and productive in creating a vibrant, welcoming classroom. You will be better able to motivate and inspire your students to reach their creative potential if you take part in our program.



Dive into Our Artful Blog

Our blog is a treasure trove of insights and stories from artists who have honed their craft through dedicated practice. Explore articles on art techniques, artist profiles, and thought-provoking discussions about the practice of art.

Contact Us

Ready to take your art practice to the next level? Contact our team today to explore our studio rentals, workshop offerings, and the limitless possibilities awaiting you at Follow ur Arts.

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