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About Suchana ....

Suchana, a Singaporean art practitioner was born in India in 1979. She has graduated Diploma in fine arts from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art (NAFA) 2019. She started creating art full-time after getting a Master’s degree in industrial relations and Personnel Management in 2002.

While studying fine arts, her artworks have been shown in exhibitions in TCC X NAFA Savour the Arts at Bugis, NAFA Open house, Waterloo Street Window at NAFA and KPY Art Festival at Bedok in Singapore.

Suchana has been a professional educator for over 8 years. She has been regularly involved in workshops for non profit organisations, RC and CC in Singapore.

Learning with Love and Laughter

Follow ur art is an art studio, committed to providing the space, material, tools and exceptional education that you need to electrify your artistic skills with meaningful creation. Children are introduced to a variety of mediums, techniques, art forms and art composition. It helps to refine the skills of self-expression. Make your learning a pleasurable experience with fun in a free atmosphere.